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Laura's Journey

"We can all have a wonderful life today, no matter what our present  circumstances." This is a statement I have learned to embrace and now believe in the deepest part of my soul.


My life today is so different from what I imagined in my younger days but it is truly beyond my wildest dreams.  I enjoyed a successful career in the beauty industry, allowing me to travel the world, cross the country several times on my motorcycle and live life fully. 

However, in 2007 I experienced a life-changing motorcycle accident that turned my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual world upside-down. Since then, after countless surgeries, I have lost both legs but now walk with prosthetic legs,  have a new sense of purpose, and a unique appreciation for life. My healing journey guided me to One Spirit Learning Alliance Interfaith Seminary, where I completed programs to become an Ordained Interfaith Minister and Interspiritual Counselor. Then, still seeking a path where my life experiences could be transformed into a greater purpose, I went to college and earned a Bachelors and Masters degree in Social Work. I have been blessed with the opportunity to help others through my Spiritual Counseling Practice, where I journey with others as they find inner peace, joy, and emotional freedom regardless of their circumstances.

Wheelchair praise Reverend Laura
Reverend Laura ordination
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