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Jennifer W

I have experienced the most positive life changing experiences and abilities due to the guidance of Rev. Laura Nugent-Carter and spiritual counseling.

Thank You! 2023

Pete B

I'm not a religious or even a spiritual man, but Laura has helped me find how to heal emotional scars and triumph over my physical injuries. Her positivity is contagious and empathy comes from a soul. Before Laura I was screaming into the Abyss. Finally, I heard her prayer bowl ring back, out of the darkness. 2023

Kris & Crystal

My wife and I found Laura online as we searched for someone to legally marry us in NY, although we already committed to each other a few years earlier. Initially, we just wanted someone nearby and available on short notice. She did insist on speaking with me before the ceremony and asked what seemed like a few simple questions; as the ceremony unfolded, she turned that seemingly simple conversation into a truly special, intimate experience that we not only did not expect but will treasure forever. A few short months after our marriage ceremony, we invited her to be the officiant at our newborn son's blessing, which was equally as beautiful. Although we have only met Laura a few times, we feel as though she has become part of our expected family. Laura is patient, and most importantly listens to what you say, and what you do not say. She will enhance your ceremony, adding to the overall tone and experience in a way not many others can. Sometimes you are lucky enough to stumble upon the person you need to solidify the most precious moments of your lives. We hope you invite her to share in your special moments as we did ours. Kris, Crystal, and Ethan 11/8/2013

Richard C

Business Blessing
Laura, thank you so much for the wonderful blessings, insight, & inspiration. We will try our best to take your prayers with us as a daily ritual. I was so impressed with your conviction, awareness, & sensitivity to our struggles both public & private. 

It could not have been better. The staff that attended were still talking  about you the next day.They thought you were so real, cool,& frankly unbelievable. One girl that did not attend walked in later that day & said she felt "the heaviness in the air was lightened", she did not know about the sage. WOW! May all the positive energy you share wherever you travel come back to you a million times over. You are helping so many others realize that we all have issues but there is enormous power in. 2013

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