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When was the last time you felt truly heard and listened to without judgment? When were you last able to explore your spiritual life deeply and thoughtfully? This is what you will experience in a Spiritual Counseling session. 
Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we are all on a spiritual journey and in today's world of distractions, negativity, stress, and isolation, many people are yearning to identify and connect with Spirit. Trauma, grief, loss, addiction, and other life experiences can jar us into this awareness, or sometimes we just feel disconnected, lonely, or unsure of what life is really about. Connecting to Spirit is the solution, and Spiritual Counseling will help to guide that connection. 
Spiritual Counseling offers you opportunities to engage with yourself at the soul level, where you are encouraged to go within to find your own answers and be reminded of your connection to Spirit. Spirituality believes in a source greater than yourself, called by whatever name you feel comfortable with God, Higher Power, Great Spirit, Inner Wisdom, Universe.  
As a Spiritual Counselor, I do not have an agenda. I am not here to fix things or to offer advice without your invitation. Instead, I am here to be present. I listen deeply, ask gentle questions and reflect your thoughts back to you to help you develop your inner wisdom and allow your inner guidance to emerge. I accompany you on your journey of deeper understanding and connection to Spirit and life, which will lead to inner peace, joy, and emotional freedom.

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I am a warm, kind, confident, self-motivated bilateral amputee (AK & BK) whose background represents extensive understanding in dealing with individuals on diverse levels and from varied disciplines. Since 2005,  I have had the wonderful opportunity to share the experience of my healing journey, delivering a message of hope from heartbreak to inner peace and joy.

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Many couples I meet today do not connect to traditional wedding ceremonies.  Together we will create a personal ceremony that is meaningful and reflective of your beliefs as a couple.  Are there old family traditions you would like to be part of the ceremony?  Are you from different faiths and would like to include both?  Do you want your ceremony to have humor?  As we sit and get to know one another, we will create a ceremony to tell your love story.  It would be an honor to work with you.

Are you moving, launching a new business, or transitioning from one phase of life to another? Ceremonies and rituals are a fantastic way to clear away something that is no longer serving you to make room for something new! 

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