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Spiritual Counseling


When was the last time you felt truly heard and listened to without judgment?
Do you ever feel lost, disconnected or unsure of what life is really about?
Have you ever explored your spiritual life in a deep and thoughtful way?

Whether consciously aware of it or not, we are all on a spiritual journey.

Trauma, grief, loss, and other life experiences can jar us into this awareness.

But what do we do with the awareness? Connecting to Spirit is the solution,

and Spiritual Counseling will help to guide that connection.

The concept of Spirit or a divine or higher power is common

throughout many religious and spiritual traditions.

This can be a named traditional divine being, the Universe, Mother Nature,

Love, Inner Voice or other. It's up to you to choose…or not.

Spiritual Counseling utilizes universal spiritual principles that offer

guidance on how to live a more peaceful and purposeful life.

It provides the opportunity to be engaged at the soul level, to go within

to find your own answers and become more deeply connected to Spirit.
As a Spiritual Counselor, I will be present for you as a companion

on your spiritual journey. I listen deeply, ask gentle questions,

and reflect your thoughts back to you to help you develop

your inner wisdom and allow your inner guidance to emerge.

I accompany you on your journey of deeper understanding

and connection to Spirit and to life, which will lead to

inner peace, joy, and emotional freedom.
Spiritual Counseling is for anyone wanting to grow and develop

their own spiritual beliefs and experience life through a spiritual lens.

When you change how you look at things, the things you look at change.

Spiritual Counseling Office
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